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Our extensive technical, regulatory and commercial experience throughout the power supply value chain gives us a competitive advantage to identify in a timely manner the impacts of the different regulatory, political and market events that affect the power generation and commercialization, as well as potential risks and new business opportunities, which consolidates us as a strategic ally for decision-making in this type of investment, through the following services.



We generate updated, timely, reliable, analytical and contextualized information on the regulatory and market environment to facilitate the efficient operation of our clients in the power sector.

  • Regulatory and market intelligence

  • Identification, analysis and monitoring of relevant regulations for the power sector

  • Independent expert reports for legal processes

  • Regulatory advocacy

  • Institutional and stakeholder analysis and management

  • Regulatory risk assessment for investment projects and new business opportunities

  • Analysis of market indicators to support decision making (eg Local Marginal Prices, Power, demand evolution, regulated tariffs, etc.)

  • Projection of prices, trends and rates, through market modeling (eg dispatch, curtailment, etc.)

  • Custom training on the power market structure in Mexico through the development of guides, manuals and highly specialized workshops

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We provide the necessary tools to support power generators in decision-making through the analysis and evaluation of the different scenarios and alternatives, throughout the different stages of the project development and business lines.

  • Due diligence (technical, regulatory and commercial)

  • Elaboration of strategies for M&A processes, including search for potential projects /investors

  • Pre-feasibility analysis of interconnection processes and estimation of associated costs

  • Preparation and review of financial models

  • Definition of product commercialization strategies (energy, Power, Clean Energy Certificates, carbon credits, Financial Transmission Rights, among others)

  • Analysis of the competitiveness of project portfolio and investment opportunities

  • Positioning and facilitating access to the Mexican market for incoming companies

  • Competition analysis and business plan development

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We are experts in structuring, negotiating and closing power purchase agreements (PPAs) with an adequate balance between the interests of the different participants involved, through competitive, fair and balanced conditions. Our extensive experience in energy marketing allows us to provide specialized solutions for all participants involved in the electricity supply value chain from supply to demand.

  • Mapping, identification, selection and contact with potential off takers for the establishment of PPAs

  • Structuring, negotiation and closing of PPAs

  • Analysis of the of the off takers consumption profile, preparation of the supply model and structuring of commercial proposals and term sheet

  • Support in explaining / training off takers on the proposed power supply structure

  • Design and implementation of solutions for the installation and start-up of Isolated Supply and Distributed Generation projects, as well as Third Party Sales schemes (eg industrial parks, shopping centers, etc.)

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We offer comprehensive services for the implementation of electric power projects through a proactive, diligent and punctual management of all the necessary paperwork to guarantee the start of activities in a timely manner. Our extensive experience in regulation and project development allows us to provide a specialized monitoring service for the start-up of generation projects, their interconnection to the grid and the implementation of power supply contracts.

  • Obtaining and modifying generation permits before the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE)

  • Support during the interconnection process before the National Energy Control Center (CENACE), from the studies' development to the signing of the Interconnection Contract

  • Registration and Accreditation process as a Market Participant before CENACE (Generator, Supplier, Non-Supplier Trader)

  • Administrative procedures for the start-up of Isolated Supply and Distributed Generation projects

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